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Null ALP

“Null ALP” is an Application Layer Protocol (ALP) built-in to DASH7 Mode 2. Thus it is called a “M2ALP.” DASH7 can support non-built-in application protocols as well, and these have their own names.


The Null ALP causes no action to be taken. It may be used for handshaking/acknowledgement purposes during Datastream Dialogs or other means of ALP usage. Therefore, it is incredibly simplistic.

Data Format

Null ALP follows the standard form of the DASH7 Mode 2 Built-in Application Layer Protocols. The record structure is defined as follows:

Record Flags Record Length ALP ID ALP Command
1 Byte 1 Byte 1 Byte 1 Byte
(per M2ALP spec) (N: 0-255) (0x00) (ignored)
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