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 ====== Data Elements ====== ====== Data Elements ======
-Mode 2 requires a set of defined ​data elements ​that are part of a filesystem.  ​These data elements ​can be considered part of an OSI Presentation Layerbecause ​Mode 2 operation can be dependent on the way these data elements ​are structured ​and the data they contain.+All formal ​data elements ​in [[dash7_mode_2:​main|DASH7 Mode 2]] are contained within the integrated [[dash7_mode_2:​fs:​main|filesystem]].  ​Informal ​data elements ​may exist in implementationbut they must at some point connect back to the standardized filesystem. 
 +===== ISFB ===== 
 +//​[[dash7_mode_2:​fs:​isfb|ISFB Main Article]]//​\\ 
 +ISFB stands for Indexed Short File Block. ​ It is searchable through M2QP commands. ​ It contains up to 256 individual files, each up to 255 bytes in length. ​ The lower 16 files (0-15) contain the Mode 2 registry (an unofficial name). ​ Files 16-31 are reserved for official definition, but most of them are currently undefined. ​ The rest of the files are available for any type of usage. 
 +===== ISFSB ===== 
 +//​[[dash7_mode_2:​fs:​isfsb|ISFSB Main Article]]//​\\ 
 +ISFSB stands for Indexed Short File Series Block. ​ It is a list of ISFB file IDs, each list being 0-16 bytes in length. ​ In usage, ISFSB files are used as batch pointers to ISF files. 
 +===== GFB ===== 
 +//​[[dash7_mode_2:​fs:​gfb|GFB Main Article]]//​\\ 
 +GFB stands for Generic File Block. ​ GFB files are unstructured,​ 0-65535 bytes in length. ​ They are optional, ​and many Mode 2 applications do not actually implement ​the GFB.
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