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 +====== LF Demo App ======
 +**//Under construction//​**
 +The LF Demo app is a [[opentag:​apps:​main|built-in application]] for [[opentag:​main|OpenTag]] that is not currently complete. ​ It will contain an indeterminate number of sub-applications,​ all of which use the 125 kHz simplex LF spec used in TPMS (Tire Pressure Management Systems).
 +===== Platforms Supported =====
 +Platforms that are able to run the LF Demo App must have a simplex 125 kHz transmitter or receiver in addition to OpenTag. ​ The MLX73290 platform is an example of a device that has a compliant 125 kHz receiver.
 +===== Files Involved =====
 +The normal group of application files, stored in directory ''/​Apps/​Demo_LF/​Code'',​ are used with the LF Demo.
 +=== Headers ===
 +  * Basic Build Configuration (build_config.h)
 +  * Application Configuration (app_config_LF.h)
 +=== C Files ===
 +  * Main application file (LF_main_[platform-name].c)
 +  * transmitter subroutines (LF_transmitter.c)
 +  * receiver subroutines (LF_receiver.c)
 +===== Build Instructions =====
 +The LF Demo works fine with debug or release modes of operation.
 +===== Default Configuration =====
 +The LF Demo uses a _ _ _ configuration. ​ You can see the full configuration file at ''​[[opentag:​files:​Apps:​Demo_LF:​Code:​app_config_LF.h|/​Apps/​Demo_LF/​Code/​app_config_LF.h]]'',​ which follows the [[opentag:​configuration|normal configuration format]].
 +The configuration allows the following application usage:
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