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rtos_only (RTOS Only)

Current Revision: R0

“rtos_only” implements a build of OpenTag that does not include the DASH7 wireless libraries and drivers. However, it does include the MPIPE interface for serial communication, it does include the Veelite filesystem (which is accessible via MPIPE), and therefore it must also include all ALP libraries.

Application Description

There isn't one. You need to write the app. A skeleton cooperative-task is included in exemplary form. A skeleton thread is included, also in exemplary form, in R2.

System Recommendation

MCU with: * 2KB SRAM or more * 16KB Flash or more

Technically, you could run simple apps with much less, because the actual RAM and ROM utilization are less. However, I think the above recommendations are very safe, across different hardware and configurations.


Boards & Platforms

At time of writing, only Haystack boards are supported.

Project IDEs

At time of writing, RIDE7 is supported for STM32-based boards.

Usage Notes

Compiler Constants

This project's makefile or IDE configuration should pass several constants into the compiler. These constants are required for basic configuration.

Constant Scope Description
[partnum] (mandatory) The part number of the platform being used. E.g. for MSP430F5529 = MSP430F5529, for STM32L151C8 = STM32L151C8
LITTLE_ENDIAN, BIG_ENDIAN (mandatory) Endian must be configured properly. All supported cores are LITTLE_ENDIAN
GCC, CCSv5 (mandatory) Compiler must be configured properly. RIDE and SAT both use GCC.
RESTRICT=int (optional) Restricts flash allocation to lower [int] bytes. Helpful for using low-cost tools that have code restrictions.
LARGE_MEMORY (optional) Ignored on Cortex-M. Enables 20 bit memory addressing on MSP430X2 devices, which does incur a performance penalty. Do not use it unless you absolutely need it.
DEBUG (optional) Enable debugging features in the code.
PROTO (optional) Enable prototyping features in the code. DEBUG enables these features, too, plus more. An example of a PROTO feature is ID generation at startup, which is not used in final products that get IDs flashed-in during manufacturing.
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