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DK7A433 (Developers' Kit for DASH7 at 433 MHz) is a Semtech dev kit that incorporates an STM32L151 and an SX1212. It is one of the boards officially supported by OpenTag.


This evaluation board allows testing and development of ST32L151 with SX1212 radio transceiver with the following features:


  • Dimensions: 76 x 38 mm
  • STM32L151CBT6 with 8.0MHz HSE, and 32768Hz LSE.
  • SX1212 transceiver with component values supporting 433MHz band.


  • Micro-B USB connector.
  • On-board 433MHz antenna (PCB trace).
  • Physical antenna switch to select on-board antenna vs. RF connector (Hirose U.FL-R-SMT), or controlled by MCU.
  • Flat-cable socket for JTAG connector adapter (standard JTAG is too large)
  • Flat-cable socket for UART access (same as above)
  • CR2450 battery holder, or can be USB-powered.
  • Three LEDs: red, green, yellow

Dev Notes

Opentag_M2 for this platform will also run on Olimex STM32-H152 board, because it includes same 8MHz and 32KHz crystals. This board allows plugging of arbitrary of-the-shelf RF modules.

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