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OMG Anubis

OMG (OpenTag Module+Gadget) is a developers' kit produced by JP intended specifically for OpenTag, although potentially other firmware could be used as well. OMG specifies an OpenTag implementation coupled with a USB-TTY shell interface (the Gadget) as a fully integrated dev-kit interface with no host software dependencies.

The Anubis Model uses a CC430 for the OpenTag implementation, and an MSP430F5503 to implement the USB Gadget. Both are programmable via JTAG. The nomenclature is consistent: MSP430-based OMG kits, such as the Anubis, are named after Egyptian mythological deities, and the role of the specific deity indicates the form factor & features.

OMG Anubis core features:

  • Form-factor includes headers compatible with with TI Launchpad pinouts.
  • Standard pin positions for UART, SPI, I2C, 4x ADC, 4x digital/PWM in, 4x digital/PWM out.
  • Mini-B USB port
  • 2x bicolor LEDs connected to OpenTag Module
  • 1x bicolor LED connected to Gadget
  • 1x user button connected to OpenTag Module
  • 1x user button connected to Gadget
  • 1x bus switch for selecting JTAG to OpenTag Module or Gadget MCU

OMG Anubis Preview

The Anubis is under development currently.

Manufacturing and Distribution

The OMG Anubis will be licensed under a Creative Commons Share-Alike license (similar that used by Arduino).

  • The design files, manufacturing notes, and bill-of-materials will be made available.
  • You must include information on your product that it uses OMG, via a boilerplate logo.
  • You can bypass the above requirement by obtaining written, special dispensation from the creator, JP Norair.
  • Said special dispensation will involve a modest licensing fee, or some form of mutually agreed in-kind exchange.

If you are interested in manufacturing and/or distributing OMG kits, please contact JP.

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