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RF430 Dev Kit

The RF430 Dev Kit is from TI, and it may be called by other names at TI. At the time of this writing, it is sampling and the name of the kit is not officially defined. However, for OpenTag purposes it will always be called the “RF430 Dev Kit”.

Standard Components

  • Primary component: RF430 Keyfob board
    1. Runs OpenTag and interfaces with client over OTcom or other console tools
    2. RF430F5978 SiP (includes CC430F5137 and PaLFI TMS37157 in single package)
    3. 2 buttons connected directly to PaLFI core
    4. 1 button connected to CC430 core
    5. 4 LEDs connected to CC430 core
    6. Integrated 433 MHz antenna and 3D PaLFI antenna
    7. SpyBiWire programming interface (also called eZ430)
  • Primary component: LF Base Station (TI RI-ACC-ADR2 board)
    1. Runs integrated TI firmware, and interfaces with TI client software
    2. TMS3705 Base Station IC
    3. USB interface
  • Secondary component: eZ430-5509 USB Stick Gateway
    1. MSP430F5509 MCU + CC1101 Radio
    2. USB Stick form factor, with integrated antenna
    3. 1 LED
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