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 +====== OpenTag Extensions ======
 +OpenTag Extensions are both new helper-libraries as well as feature extensions or patches to any other component of OpenTag. ​ Quite often, driver callback variants get implemented here, as do application protocol formats and other such miscellany.
 +^ Extensions ​ ^^^
 +^ Name           ^ Status ​  ^ Description ​               ^
 +^ applets_capi ​  | Alpha    | Frequently-used communication "​applets,"​ each one manages a single type of DASH7 session/​dialog. ​ These all utilize the low-level OTAPI-C API for building requests & sessions. ​ You can reference these applets to make your own server-side applets, which you will need to make if you wish to create a higher level application protocol API between client and server. ​ |
 +^ applets_std ​   | Beta     | Frequently-used interface control applets for kernel callbacks. ​ For example, there are applets for controlling LEDs as the radio is turned on and off, sending logs, etc  |
 +^ [[opentag:​otlibext:​bintex|bintex]] ​ | Beta     | //BinTex// is a "​markdown"​ typically used on clients for nicely representing mixed-notation (string + hex + decimal) datastreams in an efficient yet human-readable way.  This module can parse a BinTex string and output the binary stream. ​ |
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