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   * **[[opentag:​kernel:​main|System/​Kernel]]** (in kernel): implementations for OTAPI system functions   * **[[opentag:​kernel:​main|System/​Kernel]]** (in kernel): implementations for OTAPI system functions
   * **[[opentag:​otlib:​m2qp|M2QP Module]]** (session.c):​ implementations for OTAPI Query/M2QP functions   * **[[opentag:​otlib:​m2qp|M2QP Module]]** (session.c):​ implementations for OTAPI Query/M2QP functions
 +===== Usage Notes =====
 +Existing OTAPI functions are very low-level, and they have a direct relationship with OTlib functions. ​ Therefore, using OTAPI functions is like "​building with small blocks." ​ It often takes many OTAPI functions, organized in a specific way, in order to build a dialog or achieve whatever other sort of functionality is desired. ​ Therefore, using OTAPI functions correctly requires some knowledge of the [[dash7_mode_2:​main|DASH7 specification]]. ​ Users may build extensions to OTAPI that bundle multiple OTAPI calls into single routines, but the nature of these "​bundling"​ routines is very application-specific. ​ OTlib must be very lightweight and generic, so the OTAPI is also very generic. ​ In time, many easy-to-use,​ application-specific bundles will be available to OpenTag users looking for simpler interfaces.
 ===== OTAPI Function Design ===== ===== OTAPI Function Design =====
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